Nepal Airlines Services

Ground Support
  • Ramp Handling
    Aircraft Loading & Unloading
    Aircraft Marshalling
    Aircraft Push Back/Towing
    Baggage Handling
    ACU GPU Air-Start
    Toilet and Water Servicing (on process)
    G E Operations

    Passengers Handling
    Passenger Check-In and Ticketing
    Passenger Arrivals & Departure Handling
    Wheelchair Assistance, Meet & Assist, and other special services
    Excess Baggage
    Baggage Services/Lost and Found
    Interline Baggage Handling
    Weight & Balance/Load Control

    Cabin Services
    Cabin Cleaning, complete cleaning of Aircraft Interiors

    Cargo Handling Services
    Loading & Unloading of Cargo to-from aircraft
    Transfer cargo to-from cargo terminal

    GSE Maintenance
    Well equipped dedicated maintenance facility to upkeep ramp equipment
    Preventive maintenance programme to ensure high serviceability rate of GSE

Economy Class
  • Comfort
    Economy Travel is equally comfortable on Nepal Airlines.Special fares are available in some sectors. Passengers should contact their nearest local agent for these fares. Depending upon availability, in some sectors upgrade to Shangrila Class is also available on payment of certain charge.

    Meals On - Board
    On our Economy Class we serve exclusive meals specially prepared by chefs of renowned five-star hotels in Kathmandu for the gastronomic delight of our passengers. You can also choose from an arrray of drinks. There is something for everybody -cocktails, wine and a range of soft drinks. Our meals served on board is either chicken, fish or mutton based. Vegetarian meals are available on special request at the time of reservation.

    Our Economy Class passengers are given a personalized service which ensures that your baggage is handled swiftly and carefully. All Economy Passengers enjoy baggage allowance of 30 Kilograms on all destinations except for HongKong sector which is 25Kgs.

Business class
  • As a Shangri-La Class or Business Class passenger of Nepal Airlines, you are entitled to an array of benefits and privileges, and personalized service on board the flight. Our business class passengers are offered special check-in, priority baggage handling, a wide range of reading materials, comfortable wide seats, and a choice of fine cuisine along with a top class selection of wines.

    Our Business Class has a 16 seat configuration; you don't have to worry about sitting in the middle because there is no middle seat. The two-seats-in-a-row arrangement ensures more leg room and comfort.

    We serve exclusive meals specially prepared by chefs of renowned five-star hotels in Kathmandu for the gastronomic delight of our Business Class passengers. You can also choose form an array of drinks. There is something for everybody-cocktails, whisky, gin vodka, brandy, wine, and a range of soft drinks including Diet 7-Up and Diet Coke. The three-course gourmet meal served on board is either chicken, fish of mutton based. Vegetarian meals are available on special request at the time of reservation. All food and drinks are served on exquisite China and crystal ware.

    Our Business Class passengers are given a personalized baggage handling. You will also enjoy the privilege of an extra 10 kilogram baggage allowance. Now who says good things only come in small packages?

    Lounge facility is available to our business class passengers, who have paid Business Class fare.

    Business Class passengers are directed to the appropriate boarding gate by the ground staff. Since the Business Class is located right behind the cockpit, time is saved during entry and exit.

    Magazines of international repute and local newspapers are available on board.

    Our cabin attendants are there on stand-by to take care of your needs. There is a closet to hang your coats and hat. A comfortable pillow and a blanket are also provided to our Business Class passengers.

    We constantly monitor passenger feedback and re-examine service procedures in order to further improve the service we provide. If you have any suggestions or comments regarding Business Class service, please feel free to talk to our cabin crew or ground staff.

  • In order to provide additional facility to our valued customers we are pleased to announce
    RA sales and reservation office in Kathmandu will remain open from 0900- 1800 hrs local time.
    For Flight and Reservation information please dial our toll free number 16600110787

    We recommend you make an early seat reservation through any NAC ticketing offices, our authorised GSAs or Travel Agents in Nepal and around the world. When you make a reservation, please note the following:
    Ticketing Time Limit
    Please ensure that you have your ticket issued before the expiry of your ticketing time limit/ deadline. Otherwise, your booking will be automatically cancelled. This is a procedure followed worldwide by all airlines. Your reservation agent will advise you of your time limit at the time of reservation.
    Booking Reference Number / Passenger Name Record (PNR)
    You will need your booking reference number (PNR) every time you get in touch with our reservations or ticketing staff. Our Reservation / Ticketing Agent will need your PNR if you need to change your travel plan.
    Changing Reservations
    You can call our reservation office to change your travel itinerary irrespective if the ticket is purchased or not. Once the ticket has been issued, you can change your reservation by contacting our reservation offices or ticketing counters. This is also possible even if the ticket is purchased from a travel agent. Always check for the conditions on your ticket like ticket validity, restriction to travel on a specific flight / period, cancellation fees conditions, etc before purchasing your ticket. In case you have made a change in your travel itinerary, you are advised to get your ticket stickered / revalidated from your travel agent or NAC ticketing counters so that your ticket will reflect your latest flight itinerary.

Carry on Baggage
  • All passengers, except infants, are allowed one piece of hand baggage suitable for placing in the closed rack or under the seat in front without extra charge. For security and safety reasons, its dimensions must be not larger than 20"x15"x10" weighing not more than 15 lbs. The following additional items are also permitted: one small size handbag/purse, one coat or cap or blanket, one umbrella or walking stick, one pair of crutches and one small camera or binocular. An infant's wheelchair, which are transported free of charge, but will normally be carried in the cargo hold.

Bon Appetit
  • Menus aboard our flights are developed to reflect fresh, hygenic and healthy cuisine. We also serve vegetarian food keeping in mind passenger preferences. A complimentary bar service is also available. You can request a wide variety of special meals for medical, dietary or religious reasons when making the reservation.

Unaccompanied Minors
  • Children when traveling alone, we will ensure that they are under constant care. A request has to be made at the time of reservation. The unaccompanied minor will be taken care of by our special handling unit. The guardian can hand over the unaccompanied minor to the ground staff along with the necessary documents. The ground staff will do the needful and once the child boards the plane, he/she will be taken care of by the cabin crew. Once the aircraft reaches the destination, our ground staff will take over the child and hand him/her over to the receiving guardian after examining the documents properly.

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