Dubai to Kathmandu Economy class Baggage Policy

Hand Baggage:

  • One piece up to 7 kgs.
  • Laptop/Camera/Lady side bag/Guitar etc are accepted not exceeding 10 kgs all together including standard hand baggage of up to 7 kgs.
  • Dates are also count to calculate the weight.

Check-in Baggage:

  • On 30 kgs FBA only one piece or maximum two pieces are allowed
  • On 35 kgs FBA only two pieces are allowed.
  • On 40 kgs FBA only two pieces or maximum three pieces are allowed
  • Television above 43” of size is chargeable AED 200 as volumetric at check-in
  • Cartoon/ Bag or other special luggage having more than 160 cm (sum of length, height and width) of size also chargeable AED 200 as oversize As per Dubai Airport; one check-in baggage should not be more than 32 kgs
  • Any of the item(s) checked-in from the counter and issued baggage tags irrespective of its size including TV is considered as one piece/baggage.
  • ZamZam Water upto 5 Liters are waived on baggage weight (As per the practice in Dubai Airport).
  • Passenger willing to check-in three pieces irrespective of its weight has to have 40 kgs ticket or they have to pay ticket fare different compared to than available 40 kgs ticket in check-in counter thru EB Coupon
  • Excess Baggage Rate per kg is AED 40.00 for check-in.
  • Excess weight are not allowed in hand carry even if passenger is willing to pay at last moment.