Sealed Tender Notice for the Maintenance Support of NAC’s V2527E-A5 Engines || Nepal Airlines Corporation
Sealed Tender Notice for the Maintenance Support of NAC’s V2527E-A5 Engines

08 Jan, 2019


(International Competitive Bidding)
First Date of Publication: 08-Jan-2019

1.1    Sealed Tenders are invited by CAM Department, Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) Kathmandu from the NAC enlisted airlines or maintenance and repair/overhaul organization (MRO) as per Annex 3 for Shop maintenance/Repair/Overhaul /Refurbishment of its V2527E-A5 engines/modules.
1.2    The Sealed Tender Document can be downloaded  from the first date of publication of this notice in the page Notice/ Announcement of NAC website:
1.3    Guidelines for submission of the proposal are elaborated in 3.0 Instruction to the SUPPLIER or BIDDER – 3.3 Delivery of the sealed Tender, 3.4 Preparation/ Completeness of the Tender. 

1.4    Fully completed sealed tenders must reach to the address mentioned below not later than 17:00 hrs. local time within 45 (forty five) calendar days effective from the first date of publication of this notice in the National Daily newspaper and NAC web site mentioned above. Sealed tender or modification/s of tenders received after the due date and time will not be accepted. Tender through electronic means of communications: telex, fax, e-mail etc. shall not be considered.
1.5    Sealed tender will be opened in CAM Department, NAC, Kathmandu at 14:00 hrs local time on the next day of the closing date for submission of the tender in presence of the SUPPLIER or BIDDER or his representative/nominee or even in their absence.  

1.6    In case, the last date of submission and opening of the sealed tenders as prescribed above fall a holiday, the same will automatically take place on the successive office working days at the same hours.
1.7    The tender document should be filled in and completed properly as mentioned in 3.3 and 3.4 of this document and should be enclosed in a large wax-sealed envelope clearly marked in capital letters as follows:

1.8    In case of the sealed tender being air freighted/couriered from abroad, arrangement should be made by the SUPPLIER OR BIDDER himself to clear Customs and deliver the tender document to the stipulated address within stipulated date and time. The sealed tender, if air freighted/ couriered from abroad, would be accepted even without wax seals on the envelope. 
1.9    The SUPPLIER OR BIDDER must enclose the copy of FAA or EASA and local (respective country) CAA maintenance approval/authorization certificates in the sealed tender document. CAA of Nepal validated/approved repair station certificates is a MUST and should be enclosed in the envelope (e.g. 1.10 below). All the approval certificates as mentioned above must have current validity. Failure to do so shall render the tender disqualified. 

1.10    Tender shall be accompanied by a Bid Bond in the form of bank guarantee issued by any reputed international bank and counter guaranteed by a Nepalese commercial bank for an amount of US$ 12,000.00 (Twelve thousand US Dollars)valid for 120 days from the closing date for the submission of tender. The Bid Bond should be kept inside the same envelope along with the CAA of Nepal validated Repair Station Certificate (e.g. 1.9 above).
1.11    NAC reserves absolute rights to accept or reject any or all tenders in full or part thereof without assigning any reason whatsoever. Nepal Airlines may in its absolute discretion, and at any time, amend the timetable or discontinue the TENDER. 

1.12    The sealed tender should be submitted to the following address:

    Nepal Airlines Corporation 
    CAM Department
    Tribhuvan International Airport        
    Gauchar, Kathmandu, Nepal        
    Tel: 977-1-4470670        
    Fax: 977-1-4470768        


Click here to download sealed tender document.

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