Notices || Nepal Airlines Corporation
S N Title Published Date Download
1Exam Center of Open Competition06 May, 2019 Download (207.82kB )
2Notice for Tender: Supply-Services of Cargo Management System03 May, 2019 Download (675.28kB )
3दरभाउपत्रस्वीकृत गर्ने आशयको सूचना : Air Bellows30 Apr, 2019
4Request for Expression of Interest : Consultancy for Implementation of Nepal Financial Reporting Standards (NFRS) in Nepal Airlines Corporation24 Apr, 2019 Download (930.41kB )
5Exam Schedule of Open Competition and Internal Competition05 Apr, 2019 Download (148.01kB )
6NOTICE OF INVITATION FOR BIDS (IFB) : Procurement of Aircraft Main Deck Container/Pallet Loader (AMDCPL)03 Apr, 2019
7सिलबन्दी दरभाउपत्र स्वीकृत गर्ने आशयको सूचना : Engineering Maintenance Department को R&D Section को लागि Renovation & Addition कार्य गराउने31 Mar, 2019
8Re-Request for Application from  B1 and B2 Category Aircraft Maintenance Engineer of  Airbus A330-200 on contract basis25 Mar, 2019
9Revised International Schedule wef 01 April till 30 June 201911 Mar, 2019
10Request for Application from B1 andB2 Category Aircraft Maintenance Engineer of Airbus A330-200 on contract basis28 Feb, 2019 Download (191.79kB )
11Sealed Tender Notice for Providing Guarding Service on Service Contract28 Feb, 2019
12सिलबन्दी दरभाउपत्र आह्वान L R &D section को लागि renovation & Addition कार्य गराउन 27 Feb, 2019
13खूल्ला प्रतियोगिता सम्बन्धी बिज्ञापन22 Feb, 2019 Download (125.39kB )
14कार्य क्षमता मूल्याङ्कनद्वारा हुने बढुवा सम्बन्धी22 Feb, 2019 Download (36.51kB )
15आन्तरिक प्रतियोगितात्मक परीक्षाद्वारा हुने बढुवा सम्बन्धी सूचना22 Feb, 2019 Download (53.04kB )
16Application Form for file promotion and internal competition22 Feb, 2019 Download (3.39MB )
18सिलबन्दी दरभाउपत्र स्वीकृत गर्ने आशयको सूचना : Prefab shed for Ground Support Department21 Jan, 2019
19Laptop & I-Pad   सम्बन्धी भूलसुधार17 Jan, 2019
20Sealed Tender Notice for the Maintenance Support of NAC’s V2527E-A5 Engines08 Jan, 2019 Download (0.96MB )