Mr. Ubaraj Adhikari

Ubaraj Adhikari was born in 30 July 1962 in Ilam Nepal. A Masters Degree in Political Science from Tribhuwan University in 2013 and with Bachelor of Law(B.L.) from the same university in 1990. Worked in Nepal Airlines in different areas for 34 years 2 month and 2 days and worked in Executive post in different areas of NAC as belows:

  • Director: Internal Audit Department ( Sep 2019-Jul 2020)
  • Director: Finance Department ( Sep 2018- Sep 2019)
  • Director: General Services and Property Mgmt Department ( May- Sep 2018)
  • Director: Flight Review Committee ( Sep 2017- May 2018)
  • Director: Finance Department ( Jan - Sep 2017)
  • Director: Human Resource Department ( Jul 2016- Jan 2017)

Rewards and Appreciates:

  • By Ministry of Culture Tourism & Civil Aviation as on 2059.09.29 for worked as member of RA Improvement Study Team, constructed by same ministry.
  • By RA management as on 5th Jun 2008 for work performance found commendable during tenure as Finance Manager at the Kualalumpur station.
  • As on 21th Dec 2008 for dedication & hard work & RA management has decided to award with letter of Appreciation.
  • By Embassy of Malaysia, KTM , Nepal as on 12th April 2007 for various initiatives undertaken with full dedication to overcome problems in KLIA ( Malaysia)
  • Honoured by HONGKONG NEPALESE FEDERATION as on 28 Nov 2018
  • STAR INTERNATIONAL AWARD 2019 Qatar for Best Musical Album ‘Deurali ko Ful’.
  • Best song Award by for ‘Katai Dekhe Dekhe Jasto’ 2020
  • Awarded as ‘ National Creator Honor-2077’ by 7th National Capital awards 2077 organized by Capital entertainment & Event by SK media Solutions (2021)
  • Honoured by SURYOUDAYA NAGARPALIKA ILAM (as on 2078.01.03)

Other Activities:

  • President of Four H Club, Aitabare, Ilam.
  • Editor of Nabin Smriti Grantha, Publication of Chiyabari Pariwar, KTM,  Nepal.
  • Member of Editorial team of Kandara, Sirjana, Juneli, Samrachana Publications.
  • Lyricist- Launched an Album named ‘Deuraliko Ful’ & recorded other songs.
  • Life Member of Nepal Lyricist Assiciation, International Nepali Literary Association and member of Nepal Literary Journalist Association.
  • Published different Articles on Airlines, Poems, Songs in Aakash Bhairab, Madhupark, Samrachana, Gorkhapatra, Rachana, Antardristi, Samiran, Sahitya post, Akshyarang, Dessanchar & Annapurna post, etc.